Two Wonderful Book Releases, Sharon Roni Ellis

From Sharon Roni Ellis of The Kingdom Of God In Earth

The Journey Of Eve's Daughter

The Journey Of Eve's Daughter is a gripping tale told honestly. Spanning six decades, with all the walls down, Sharon reveals the bare gut wrenching truth of her passage through terror into glorious meeting and speaking with God.

Communions With Christ

This is a true story. An Archangel of the Lord appears to an unsuspecting housewife who had never been to church or read the Bible a day in her life. In doing the work of his Maker, God’s angel prepares the spirit of this biblically ignorant woman for what is soon to come. Then, Christ Jesus appears!

For more information on "Seeing The Liberty" and "Communions With Christ" be sure to visit Sharon at her site The Kingdom Of God In Earth for further information and some wonderful ministry.