Inspiring Stories of Freedom - Transformed by Anita Estes

Do you know someone caught in the grip of addiction or life-controlling issues? Then these true accounts, written by men from Transformation Life Center, will bring the hope and guidance you’ve been searching for. Parents and families affected by drug and alcohol dependence will find inspiration and comfort in these men’s words. There is hope—and a way out of addiction. Find out what these men discovered.

Transformed--Inspiring Stories of Freedom is a powerful collection of stories from men who were released from the bondage of addiction through a dynamic program at Transformation Life Center, but the power that changed these men is available to all. Read about the amazing transformations of men who were in gangs, caught up in the drug world, imprisoned, homeless, hopelessly addicted, about to commit suicide...all delivered by the power of God! This collection of over twenty-five stories will bring hope to those affected by drug or alcohol addiction.

Transformed is available on Anita Estes Amazon page or visit Author Anita Estes at her author's website where you will find more information about Transformed and other books written by the author.