Hippo In The Garden by Author Mark Trodd

Title: Hippo in the Garden
By: Mark Trodd
ISBN# 978-1-4797-2088-0
Review Date: December 10, 2012
Reviewed by: CBM Christian Book Marketing
10.0 out of 10.0 Stars

Hippo in the Garden by Christian author Mark Trodd is a sequel to his first book, Hippo in the Stable, a delightful story of a hippo that witnessed the birth of Christ.  Hippo in the Garden is staged about thirty years after that event, during the first Easter.  This engaging story is one your children will love.  Journey with Hector, the young hippo, on his adventure as he is captured by Roman soldiers and led to Jerusalem.  Hector finds himself witnessing the crucifixion of Jesus and is amazed that He forgives even the men who hung Him on a cross.  This wonderful story weaves a biblical portrayal of Jesus' crucifixion and addresses the issue of forgiveness. 

With full color illustrations, your child will love the story of Hector the Hippo that is told through short and easy to understand dialogue.  Children will surely be impacted by this endearing story that is refreshing, cute and thought provoking for little ones.  This book is highly recommended for parents with young children and I can tell you that my seven year old loved the book.        

For more information about author Mark Trodd and this wonderful book, Hippo in the Garden, visit Mark Trodd's Amazon page. You can find additional information at Mark's website Hippo In The Garden.

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