Christian Author Daniel John Gura's God’s Avenger Michael, The Imprecatory Angel

 by Daniel John Gura is an engaging fiction novel that will grip your heart and fascinate you as the author brings into perspective the issue of the unborn child.

This pro-life Christian fiction novel intertwines stories of life, truth and realities of paramount importance – the life of the unborn. This novel comes highly recommended in that it speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves and is a call to all to stand up for justice. Revealing that God is a just and merciful God, who hears the imprecatory prayers of His Saints, this book will ignite a passion in the reader for turning injustice into justice for all that call upon His name.

Author Daniel John Gura writes this "movie in the making" that will keep you fully immersed as the natural collides with the supernatural. A page-turner, bringing new twists throughout with each character, "watch" and read as each chapter unfolds with the righteousness of God being brought upon the evil and wickedness of mankind through the Imprecatory prayers and Angel, Michael. Lives are in the process of being radically altered as events unfold bringing the reality of the supernatural into reality.

Daniel John Gura is an accomplished author whose writing style engages the reader with his descriptive, fast-paced and action-packed style intertwining scripture throughout his writings.

To find out more about the author, Daniel Gura, visit the author's website God's Avenger for further details. You can get your copy of the book at Amazon where you can find additional information about the author and his book. It is also available at Barnes and Noble.

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The Healing Power Of God's Love and Mercy - Author T.R. Lipscomb shares

Author T.R. Lipscomb shares her mother's heart in her latest release, "Dearest Children - Why Have You Abandoned Me?" The author candidly shares the trial that rocked her world. Confused, heartbroken and betrayed, this mother shares her personal life tragedy of how God took what was done against her that was evil and turned it around for good. She not only has been transformed from the inside out, she now emerges as a healed vessel wherein God's love and mercy are poured out to others. She offers hope in her writings to the hopeless and boldly proclaims the Gospel sharing the transforming power and restoration to be found in Jesus Christ.

T.R. Lipscomb is quickly becoming a voice for God, calling out to the lost. What she writes is Holy Spirit inspired that not only shares the Father's heart with others, but also brings healing to their soul. She writes from a place of intimacy with God that many want to share. She writes what the Spirit speaks to her spirit. She has a keen gift of communication and God is using her writings mightily to touch many that are broken in spirit.

She has written this book to encourage others who may be in their own "fiery" trial to take heart, with God all things are possible. She wants those to understand that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and who is intimately involved in our life. If we trust Him and look only to Him for our needs, all else will fall into place. Her story is one that will break your heart. There is not a person on this earth who has escaped the afflictions of this life, but with Him, as the author triumphantly states; he is the restorer and lover of our soul.

For more information about the author and her ministry, visit T.R. Lipscomb. You may also find her book, "Dearest Children-Why Have You Abandoned Me?" on Amazon at T.R.Lipscomb Amazon Page.

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Five Great Books by Author Henry Miranda

Author Henry Miranda is an accomplished author with 5 books releases to date to include, "The Path to Eternal Life, Beware the Winds of Doctrine, Fellowship with God, You've Been Warned and Eternal Life."

"The Path to Eternal Life" gives illumination to those who are seeking or new Christians alike, and provides answers as to who the Holy Spirit is and how we accept the free gift of salvation. Many will find comfort, purpose and salvation through this sound, biblically based and easy to read book.

"Beware the Winds of Doctrine" is an honest look at what doctrine is-the study of the Word of God-and is a call to know the Word of God, therefore, exposing false doctrine. In the last days the Bible warns that many will be deceived. Author Henry Miranda exhorts believers to know their Bible and to not depend on what they hear, but what they "know" according to the Word of God.

"Fellowship with God" was written to help others in their walk with Christ and to help them enjoy His many blessings. Take the road less traveled; even though it may difficult at times; the path leads to eternal life. It's worth it!

"You've Been Warned" reveals the deception of Satan and warns that the only way to safeguard against this is to become mature in Christ. This book will help those that are struggling with their faith or even doubting God. Henry Miranda reveals the scriptures in laymen's terms, unfolding for many, what true faith is.

"Eternal Life" addresses the controversial issue of life after death. According to the Word of God, the author exhorts the reader to come to choose the path of life that leads to eternal life with our creator.

For more information on Author Henry Miranda or his books visit Henry P. Miranda. You may also visit Henry's Miranda's blog and you will find his books available at Henry Miranda's Amazon Page.
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Launch Out Into the Deep, A Must Read Book

"Launch Out Into the Deep" by Author Acacia Slaton Beumer will uplift and inspire readers to daily grow in their walk with Christ and encourage them to live the abundant life God has for them. This short devotional is a Mom's Choice Awards Gold Recipient and has been awarded the Dove, "Family-Approved" Seal for ages twelve plus.

This daily devotional will refresh and inspire, the author has created a culmination of short, heartwarming devotionals that is intertwined with scripture and poetic writings (by brother Aaron Slaton) that offers the truth of God's Word in many different arenas of life to all. Life is a journey, one that is not without pain and tribulation. Giving teaching, comfort and encouragement, the author relates scripture and biblical stories to our everyday life experiences. The author speaks to the heart of many, including young women and teens, often speaking with candor of her own experiences.

Well-written and a joy to read, this collection of devotionals will sooth one's soul. Life can be challenging, let this book uplift your spirit to soar above the storms of life. The book's message is simple: We are never alone; there is a God in Heaven watching over all of us. It is through faith in Him that helps us through life; for no one can escape this life without pain and tribulation, but if we have Him, there is a way of hope.

Acacia Slaton Beumer is a graduate of Oral Roberts University. She will receive her Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy in the Summer of 2012. She is married with two small children. Her husband is a military man protecting our country in the United States Army. She hopes to touch many lives with the truth of faith in Jesus Christ, providing hope and help in our daily walk with Christ. The reader, especially young women and teens, will find solace and encouragement with this easy to read devotional.

For more information about the author and the book visit Launch Out Into the Deep. You may also order the book at Acacia Slaton Beumer's Amazon page in paperback, audio and Kindle.

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There Is No Such Thing As An Innocent Affair, by Author Edward F Mrkvicka Jr

While some in today's modern society may claim that adultery is acceptable, God's Word, as laid out by the author, is extremely clear- "there is no such thing as an innocent affair." Author and lay minister with 50 years experience, Edward F Mrkvicka Jr. with co-author Kelly Helen Mrkvicka have written, No Innocent Affair, that addresses the sin of adultery in our modern day society. While many often ignore this sin, even clergy, Mrkvicka and his co-author, Kelly Mrkvicka, have written a book that gives hope and guidance, while reclaiming lives through the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ.

Mrkvicka stresses that by far many are choosing death, including spiritual death, in their lives, instead of life by choosing to be part of an adulterous affair. The author gives the reader a firm biblical foundation on the subject of adultery, arms the reader with the truth of God's Word, while exploring society's view on adultery and relationships.

Candidly stating the truth in love, the authors, write with compassion and mercy to others about this often controversial and delicate subject. The author is concerned that this 21st century plague has become such an epidemic, therefore, compelling them to write this book so that help and guidance can be offered to the many innocent that are being led to the slaughter in droves by the sin of adultery without their knowledge. The author notes that most people view adultery as wrong, in fact over 88 percent feel that adultery is a sin; the statistics state, however, that over 77 percent of marriages today have been involved in an adulterous affair.

It is the author's hope that many an eye would be opened and likewise that many will come to salvation through repentance and step into the light of the Lord, versus walking in darkness. This book offers no excuses, nor apologies, but gives the truth of the Word of God. This book is truly a blessing to the body of Christ and to all who read it.

As the author reiterates over and over, there is hope. There is a way out. There is truth and life to be found, but only in Jesus Christ. For there is one hope, and that one hope is the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ. Come, read, know the truth and be set free.

For more information about the author, his ministry and the book visit Edward F. Mrkvicka where you will be blessed. You may also order No Innocent Affair at Amazon.

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Press Release - Author Antionette Campbell releases From a Legend and Kingdom of Darkness into Poems of Hope

A CBM Press Release
May 14, 2012

"Author shares about abuse, witnessing the unimaginable and the hope found in Christ"

Author Antionette Campbell releases From a Legend and Kingdom of Darkness into Poems of Hope. Surviving a horrific family tragedy, Antionette Campbell, witnessed the unimaginable. As a young child her life was filled with abuse, then at the age of 11 she witnessed her enraged drunken father assault her mother with a knife. As she watched her mother's lifeless body, it was a miracle that she was not killed. As a result, her siblings and her were taken away into custody and Antionette was forced to testify against her own father.

This event and the history of abuse sent Antionette into a pit of despair that entrapped her most of her young life. She offers her heart and soul through this journey that became the poems of hope as she triumphantly declares that God has turned her tragedy into triumph. Author Antionette Campbell offers hope to the hopeless and reaches out to those who are broken and spiritually bankrupt. This illumination of her book continues to give those who read it life and hope in God.

Antionette Campbell has a unique writing style that boldly proclaims the absolute healing power found in Christ. As the author states, "It doesn't matter who you are, how deep you have fallen into despair or how tight the chains of bondage are around you, God's power can set you free!" The author speaks of being transformed from the inside out and into a wonderful new journey. There is healing and new life that's only found in Christ.

For more information about the author, her ministry and From a Legend and Kingdom of Darkness into Poems of Hope visit the author at Christian Reading Antionette Campbell

Christian Author Larry Adams - Future Focus, Relating to God as We Approach the End Times

Author Larry Adams in his book Future Focus: Relating to God as We Approach the End Times has written an introspective book that opens up God's Word to the reader, causing the reader to examine one's life in the mirror of God's Word. The author states that we must look to who He is and what is written in His Word, rather than rely upon our own assumptions. These assumptions are our belief system on which we judge situations and individuals. The author states that while many have become accustom to living by their assumptions, we as Christians, must get back to the basics which is living by the Word of God. As we approach these End Times, it is the author's hope that many will look at their own lives through the looking glass of God's Word so that they may not judge, but rather that they will not be judged in the last days.

Larry Adams is an accomplished author with forty-five plus years of experience examining God's Word and teaching others. He has written this book to help people avoid the many common pitfalls that plague our society that relate to God. He has seen amazing results from real situations and from real people by helping people with their perspective and false assumptions thereby leading them back to the basics of life and helping them interpret the Bible the way it was meant to be read and applied.

Certain dialogue in his book states what many already know. Parts of his book may seem controversial and will possibly stir up anger in some. The author candidly states and reminds us that many of Jesus' teachings were controversial to the religious in His day. Likewise, many of the religious of today may become offended. Jesus was not one to cower from being controversial. He spoke the truth. The author states that we must get back to the basics and base our lives on His Word and who He is. Assumptions do not help anyone. Come gain a deeper knowledge of God and His Word as the author challenges the reader to come up higher and gain wisdom in these last days.

Get Future Focus: Relating to God as We Approach the End Times at Amazon

It is available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and Google ebook .

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Coffee In Manila, Available at Barnes and Noble

What began for Ryan Tipton as a journey into the heart of Maricel Arcamo, a woman he met online just six months ago, deepens considerably after he travels halfway around the world just to meet her. After spending one perfect week together, everything quickly crumbles one week later, after he informs his new girlfriend that he never went back to the States after all. This comes as a complete and total shock to her, because she actually saw him off at the airport last week. They even shared a tearful embrace as her family looked on, before he boarded his plane supposedly headed back to the US. But that simply wasn't the case. Instead, he remained in the Philippines another week to meet with two other Filipino women he'd also met on the same online dating site, both of whom were just as much in the dark about his secret betrayals as Maricel.

Full of utter remorse for lying to the woman he knew deep down inside he truly loved, Tipton finally places a frantic 3 a.m. call to a man he met just last week, Ernesto Angeles, owner of Agape Coffee and Pastry Shoppe. After losing a daughter to suicide twenty years ago, a senseless death brought about by nothing more than a broken heart, he and his wife, Gloria, eventually turned their pain and grief into action, and set out to do all they could to help prevent anymore of these senseless suicides from occurring in their city. Since that time, thousands of lives were forever changed, most of them mixed couples, prompting many to believe that God Himself had ordained this loving Filipino couple to become guardian angels for so many of His hurting and needy people. But in an establishment where love, forgiveness and redemption reign supreme, after what Ryan did to Maricel, was it possible for them to ever be added to the long list of satisfied customers, or were they already too far gone for reconciliation..

For more information about the author, the book and their mission, please visit Coffee In Manila where you may also order the book. You may also get your copy of Coffee In Manila on Amazon and also at Barnes and Noble in e book.

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Author Wisdom V. Mupudzi, Spiritual Warfare The Three Levels of Prayer

Title: Spiritual Warfare The Three Levels of Prayer
Author: Wisdom V. Mupudzi
Review Date: May 02, 2012
Reviews by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 Stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Spiritual Warfare, Volume I, The Three Levels of Prayer written by pastor and teacher, Wisdom V. Mupudzi, gives in-depth spiritual insight into the war we wage as Christians against the spiritual realm and how we as believers have the weapons to fight this war from our earthly realm by living as we are called to live-as kings and priests. The author describes the different levels in prayer that we each have the privilege as kings and priests to participate in. Written with much wisdom and foresight, the author, uses a strong biblical foundation from the Word of God and gives practical, biblical insight on how to successfully wage this war and find victory.

By revealing demonic tactics and the warfare that is waged upon humans from the spiritual realm, the author explains how these demonic forces infiltrate our lives. The author discusses the three "gates" to the soul in which demonic forces can infiltrate without our knowledge. By addressing this issue in a practical manner, the author teaches how one can be influenced by the demonic and how one can be set free from such.

The author begins first by explaining the difference between prayer and intercession, including information on the different watches and why certain watches are more critical than others. Discussing the three levels of intercessory prayer, the author gives an overview of each: priestly intercession, prophetic intercession and kingly intercession. The author reveals how each of these levels function and intertwine in our lives. The author encourages the reader to desire that which is above in the heavenly realm and teaches how to function in such an anointing

The author encourages readers to function in the anointing in which they were called. This book is a call to the many men and women who desire a deeper revelation of Christ and desire an effective prayer life that revolutionizes their lives, their families' lives and the world around them. Reading this book will encourage the reader to embark on a journey into the heart of the Father, bringing new levels of intimacy and victory with Christ.

A highly recommend read for the Body of Christ. The author has written a valuable book that will help others understand their role as kings and priests. Reading this book will not only educate the Body of Christ, but also emphasizes a deep, intimate relationship with your Heavenly Father. By applying the principles in this book, one will change the way they walk in everyday life and open one's eyes to the spiritual realm in which we live while teaching the reader to participate in a powerful prayer anointing that will change lives.

Spiritual Warfare, The Three Levels of Prayer by Wisdom V. Mupudzi

Highly Recommended
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Reviewed by Christian Book Reviews