How One Prayer Can Change Everything

How many of us become so busy, that we don’t pay attention to anyone else’s needs, but our own?  In A Call To Love, the author has written a poignant novel of a young woman named Maddy, whose life has not been so easy as a single mom.  Yet, Maddy has trusted in God and has prayed that the Lord’s love might pour through her and into others.  She has no idea how the Lord will answer this prayer, but realizes the magnitude of the prayer in time to come.

This story is heart-warming and will touch the soul of everyone who reads it.  It’s a story of triumph over trials and displays that the Lord is good.  The book invokes a sense of hope for putting your trust in God and encourages all to come into a relationship with the Lord. ~ This is a wonderful, intriguing drama that will leave a smile on your face. Get your copy today at your favorite online bookstore.

In The News - Corporate Messiah

Christian author Angelo Spadoni releases Corporate Messiah: The Fundamental Nature of the Universe  – an Intriguing and exhilarating sci-fi novel that is a page-turner!  Get your copy today!

An exciting and futuristic new story, Corporate Messiah uses an educational and optimistic approach to hook readers from the very beginning. Filled with captivating science and a thrilling story, this one-of-a-kind novel will appeal to readers from a multitude of different backgrounds. With dramatic storytelling and an insightful message, this exceptional novel is the perfect addition to any reader’s collection.

Using unorthodox science, new concepts, and a lifetime of unique experiences, Angelo Spadoni crafted Corporate Messiah to stand apart from the multitude of novels on the market. Excitingly using unconventional scientific theories to explore a global problem, the story brings a unique approach to the often generalized and oversaturated topic of our planet’s future. With a simple understanding of the Fundamental Nature of the Universe, this excellent novel shows readers everywhere that E does not necessarily equal mc².

Miles Manta has a gift. Blessed with the ability to see things before they happen, he’s led a selfish life enriching himself, overlooking the greater good. However, when a religious awakening drives him to do what’s right, he’ll finally explore the feeling that he’s had all along: his life is meant for a greater purpose. With inspired scientific knowledge and the world on the brink of obliteration, Manta sets out to solve the world’s energy crisis once and for all. He discloses the Fundamental Nature of the Universe, a model of the universe that describes how all matter is constantly changing directions at a resonant frequency in a precise spirographic pattern, and uses this model to produce a new and comprehendible energy equation, rendering E=mc² obsolete. With time rapidly winding down, will Manta’s wonderful gift be able to guide us into a paradise for all living creatures? Or are we doomed to succumb to our own violent self-destruction? And what is the source of his uncanny ability?

Speaking Boldly the Words of Father from His Holy Word, the Scriptures

Christian author Scott Testori's new releases, The Prize Unfolding will provide you with many answers to the teachings of Christianity that may have left you with unanswered questions in the past.

Have you ever wanted to understand the Bible in more depth? Have you ever wondered what the Father’s will is for your life or why you are here? If so, this book will answer the above and many more questions pertaining to current teachings within the Christian worldview.

Author, teacher and lay pastor Scott Testori in his latest release answers many questions one might have along their Christian walk. Focussing on such topics as the Father as the Godhead, who knows ALL things.  Understanding who the Father is will reveal his sovereignty and majesty throughout the ages past and all that is to come.  Revealing His Kingdom brings understanding to the many premises taught throughout this amazing read.  A must-read for all Christians!

Get your copy of The Prize Unfolding at Amazon in paperback or download it in Kindle. You may also get your copy at Barnes and Noble and other fine online bookstores everywhere. 

Visit the author at Strait Gate Education for more information about his books and some great ministry where you will be blessed.

Christian Book Releases - Talmid - The Book of John

Christian Author W. R. Sander

One will appreciate the historical accuracy as well as the Hebrew language incorporated throughout, offering an ancient feel to this hugely important book. 

Talmid - The Book of John reveals through a progressive novel the story of Jesus – or rather - Yeshua.  The author captivates readers through the journey of three teenagers growing up in first century Israel.  John, a young Jewish boy, is gifted with memorization of the Scriptures.  Meet Philo, another peer and much learned disciple of the elders, who is challenged by the new messages coming from the prophets that John encounters, challenging him to question his path in life.  And Myriam, one whose faith in the prophets' message is firm and resilient.  Many characters come into play to reveal the timeless story of Jesus, the Messiah, who came with a new message, one that challenged the Pharisees of that day.  This is an exciting and riveting story, taking readers back in time to experience Jesus during His ministry.  

This book comes highly recommended for the younger teenage audience, but would also be a very entertaining read for older readers as well.  The book was written so that one might understand who God is, who Jesus is and receive the gift of God – unto salvation.  Throughout the book, the Greatest Story Ever Told is presented through a fascinating and thought-provoking book with dialogue representative of the era (glossary included) as the writer paints vivid pictures of what life was like during the war torn and Roman oppressed Israel.  It is truly a fascinating read that will take you through many emotions of the emergence of the Messiah, leading to His crucifixion.  Invigorating, your faith will be lifted.  

You may also get your copy in paperback or electronic version at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble
  • Talmid - The Book of John
  • By: W. R. Sander
  • ISBN#978-0615995953
  • Review Date: August 6, 2014
  • CBM Christian Book Review
  • 9.9 out of 10.0 stars
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