What Does It Mean To Become A New Creation In Christ

This is fantastic read for all Christians, new believers and unbelievers alike, although not for those that wish to compromise the Word of God.  

Sharing the truth of the Gospel, the author begins with the fall of man to the crucifixion of Jesus, the author builds upon scripture that are sure to leave an imprint on one’s soul.  

Revealing truth, this is an amazing book giving clear understanding on what it means to be born again (born from above) with the spirit of wisdom and the spirit of revelation revealing truth in the Word, Jesus Christ and the new life Christ came to offer all who would believe.

The Foundation of Godliness and A Godly Life by Happiers Simbo gives readers an understanding of the blessings of the incarnate Christ and salvation. Presenting the Gospel of Christ, the author presents a firm biblical insight that offers readers a better understanding of what it means to be born again and to become a new creation.  

This book is written to present salvation, in hopes that readers’ eyes will be spiritually opened.  The author then gives understanding on the way to establish a relationship with Christ, proclaiming the eternal life through Christ, and continuing on how to live a truly godly life from the Word of God. 

Believers and un-believers alike will be encouraged to understand the many blessings and riches of His Kingdom. Some may think that there are many paths to Heaven, but there is only One who can offer the forgiveness of sins and offers eternal life-Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son.

  • Title: The Foundation of Godliness and A Godly Life
  • Happiers Simbo
  • A CBM Book Review
  • 9.9 out of 10.0 stars
A highly recommended read and inspiring, evangelistic guide to understanding the many blessings of Christ to bring about a better understanding of the Bible, repentance, and salvation that sheds light on many facets through the Bible about the crucifixion, the resurrection, the many testimonies surrounding the resurrection, the apostles, Pentacost, water baptism, the apostles, the baptism of the Holy Ghost, healing, the spiritual life, and so much more. 

You can meet the author at his site, Happiers Simbo.

Can I Find God

With such chapters as: Craving the Chase, The Discomforting Cost of Discipleship, Out on a Limb, No Storm Too Great, Enter His Gates, Making It Personal, Thirsty No More, Gratitude of the Heart, To See Things Clearly, and A Tale of Two Hearts you will be blessed while reading The Chase. ~ The Chase is available in Kindle Edition.

New Book Release - Christianity and World Religions

The Common Thread: Uncovering the History of the Christian Faith
What are the differences between the Christian faith, Judaism and the main religions throughout the world?

Co-authors John and Kristie Gentry answer just that question in their new book and uncover the secrets, personal agendas and mysteries that shaped the Christian faith and Judaism, revealing a common thread of the similarities within religion that will surprise and intrigue readers. 

With concise research and a firm Biblical background, this book presents a look into such religions such as: Islam, Hinduism, the scientific theories, religions amongst indigenous tribes throughout the world and much, more.

Exciting, intriguing and well-researched, this is a must read for Christians and theology students wanting to understand the Christian faith and world religions. Be sure to get your copy of The Common Thread: Uncovering the History of the Christian Faith at Amazon and in Kindle Edition.