The Oldest Enemy, by Christian fiction writer Michael J. Webb - A must-read for those who enjoy the supernatural, intrigue, history, science fiction, and espionage written from a Christian worldview

The Oldest Enemy, by Christian fiction writer Michael J. Webb, is a fascinating thriller that will keep readers coming back for more.  Filled with descriptive encounters with the supernatural, Webb's fourth novel is a fast-paced, action-packed story that will keep you turning pages, and keep you up at night.  

The author has woven together intricate details of the past and present (including a World War II Nazi connection) with a biblical perspective and well-developed characters into an intriguing plot that will keep his readers on the edge of their seats.  An ancient evil has risen, and only one man can stop it from destroying the world.   Challenging and provocative, Webb insightfully illuminates the reality of the spiritual warfare being waged around us on a daily basis.  

Well-written and enticing, the story races toward an unexpected conclusion that will surely satisfy and "…stay with you," as one reviewer wrote.  A must-read for those who enjoy the supernatural, intrigue, history, science fiction, and espionage written from a Christian worldview.   Michael J. Webb is a multi-published author who writes about the intersection of the supernatural, science fiction, and espionage all intertwined with history.  As a Christian, he gives insight into evil and the supernatural that, although invisible, is a reality in the world.  This novel involves that "old serpent," Satan, working through the depravity of mankind to wreak havoc upon humanity.
You can find out more about the author and his books at Michael J. Webb or at Michael J. Webb's Amazon Page. 

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Author T.R. Lipscomb's Dearest Children - Why Have You Abandoned Me

Author T.R. Lipscomb shares her mother's heart in her latest release, "Dearest Children - Why Have You Abandoned Me?" The author candidly shares the trial that rocked her world. Confused, heartbroken and betrayed, this mother shares her personal life tragedy of how God took what was done against her that was evil and turned it around for good. She not only has been transformed from the inside out, she now emerges as a healed vessel wherein God's love and mercy are poured out to others. She offers hope in her writings to the hopeless and boldly proclaims the Gospel sharing the transforming power and restoration to be found in Jesus Christ.

T.R. Lipscomb is quickly becoming a voice for God, calling out to the lost. What she writes is Holy Spirit inspired that not only shares the Father's heart with others, but also brings healing to their soul. She writes from a place of intimacy with God that many want to share. She writes what the Spirit speaks to her spirit. She has a keen gift of communication and God is using her writings mightily to touch many that are broken in spirit.

She has written this book to encourage others who may be in their own "fiery" trial to take heart, with God all things are possible. She wants those to understand that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and who is intimately involved in our life. If we trust Him and look only to Him for our needs, all else will fall into place. Her story is one that will break your heart. There is not a person on this earth who has escaped the afflictions of this life, but with Him, as the author triumphantly states; he is the restorer and lover of our soul.

For more information about the author and her ministry, visit T.R. Lipscomb. You may also find her book, "Dearest Children-Why Have You Abandoned Me?" on Amazon at T.R.Lipscomb Amazon Page.

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A Awe-Inspiring Book - Hanging on by the Scratch Marks My Nails Left Behind (Raw Faith) by author Elizabeth Chalker

Hanging on by the Scratch Marks My Nails Left Behind (Raw Faith) by author Elizabeth Chalker is her true-life story of her struggles through the pain and the loss of all things, including her own health.  As a woman with a prominent education, and with a promising career and life ahead of her, she writes despite the ravages of Lyme disease that has consumed her daily existence.  Amidst intense pain and suffering and through severe migraines, among many other debilitating physical symptoms, the author has put pen to paper to give hope to others to continue on their journey, whatever that may be. This awe-inspiring book is God inspired, encourages others to embrace God, His faithfulness and His love despite the pain and the turmoil. 

Experiencing the pain of rejection from even those closest to her, she has travailed through this journey for the most part completely alone, apart from her beloved dog, Symon who is now in heaven, and the comfort and presence of the Holy Spirit.  As her deep intimacy with the Lord has developed over the years, she wrote this collection of various writings/experiences that include letters and poems to loved ones as well, throughout her 20-year experience with physical illness and major life trials.

This book is one you will not forget and one that you will hold close to your heart.  Her journey will inspire you to hang on, look up, and to keep walking through your dark valley that you find yourself in.  She reveals a "raw faith" that will forever leave an imprint on your soul.  This book comes highly recommended for those that are experiencing their own "fiery trial."  May you be blessed, encouraged and impacted by the life and testimony of this one dear Sister in Christ. 

To find out more about the author or how to order her book, you may visit Elizabeth at her website at Elizabeth Chalker where you can find out more about Hanging On by the Scratch Marks My Nails Left Behind - Raw Faith. You may also find Elizabeth's book Hanging On by the Scratch Marks My Nails Left Behind Raw Faith at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle.

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Kiss What by author Nick Costello, Get it on Amazon

 Nick Costello writes to today's youth on the subject of worship and music, a very relevant issue facing parents, youth leaders and teenagers today.  It's more than just another book on music and it's deceptive messages. He asks the poignant question, "Whom are you worshiping?" in his new book entitled Kiss What?  This book is written to the youth of today who unknowingly glorify Satan's kingdom by the music that they choose to listen to.  Captivating, challenging and inspiring, the author gives a quick study on Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego from the Book of Daniel, thereby revealing the same call for today's youth.  This is to be an uncompromised vessel that will not bow down to any other thing or idol, but worship God only.  The author reveals that there is much peer pressure from the world and others to make them bow down to other idols and music is one of them, instead the author instructs and encourages worship of the One true God,
 Jesus Christ. 

Not only will this read lead many of our youths to repentance and salvation, this teaching inspires youths to live a holy Christ centered life.  The chapters are structured in such a way to encourage youths to live a life that is focused on godly things, purity and faith, revealing that God is always with us in the "fiery furnace" or "storms of life" and will never leave or forsake us, as well as addressing current issues such as peer pressure that many youths face.
From his story you will learn that he was once caught up in the fast lane lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock and roll.  As a former rock star, his testimony is one that reveals God's love and redemptive power.  The author is only concerned about one thing and that is that you come to know Jesus and live a life all about Him.  With a heart for our youth of today and a passion for evangelism, the author addresses this issue of worship from a biblical perspective that will help parents and teens alike face real-life issues that teach attitudes and actions that are pleasing in the sight of God. The book concludes with a challenge for teenagers to trash their ungodly music.

This book is an excellent teaching tool and highly recommended for pastors, youth pastors and parents

Be sure to visit Author Nick Costello for more information and some great ministry. You may also order Nick's book Kiss What? on Amazon.

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A Christian Coming Of Age Story - Seventh Dimension – The Door by Lorilyn Roberts

The Door is the first book in the Seventh Dimension Series that combines contemporary, historical, and fantasy elements into a Christian "coming-of-age" story. A curse put on Shale Snyder, because of a secret, shrouds her with insecurity and fear. Following suspension from school, Shale's best friend isn't allowed to see her anymore and she feels abandoned by her family. When a stray dog befriends her, she follows it into the woods. There she discovers a door that leads to another world—a garden with talking animals, demonic underlings, and a king unlike any other. Can Shale overcome her past, defeat the underlings, and embrace her eternal destiny?

For more information about Lorilyn Roberts and her books, visit:

Seventh Dimension – The Door
Children of Dreams
The Donkey and the King

FaithWriters – The Home For Christian Writers - Together We Can Make A Difference

     Every month FaithWriters – The Home For Christian Writers sponsors a blog contest that promotes a ministry that helps in the natural and brings the gospel. This contest includes cash prizes for the winners or Paid Writing Assignments. First place is also posted on 100 Christian Blogs. Novembers contest promoted Angel Tree and Prison Fellowship Ministries. Here is the winner selected by that ministry.

Bound on Earth, Bound to Heaven by Haydee I.

      I was awakened by the tumultuous voice of my brother one Monday morning when he said that our dad was arrested by the police. He did not kill anybody nor committed any criminal offense. It was the ongoing business cases filed against his company.
      For the next days and weeks, I caught myself crying and wallowing in a sea of misery and depression. No amount of prayer and counsel took away the pain in my heart. I felt confused, afraid, crushed, abandoned, and unprotected. I could not imagine how Papa can survive standing in the city jail for many weeks and crushed by the bodies of fellow prisoners. He could not even go to the restroom when he needs to and change his sweat-soaked shirt.
      Prior to that, my dad used to take me to the National Penitentiary for many years. We signed a waiver before entering the Maximum Security Compound just in case something happens. One full day for every week, our prison ministry team visited and ministered to them.
      My friends said I am crazy going there with no assurance of protection whatsoever once someone throws a fit or our lives become endangered because of the environment. Perhaps.
       I will never forget the day my dad asked me to preach about God's goodness to them. I saw the tears in their eyes and the pain in their faces. I had no power to do something concrete like getting them out of jail but by just being there to listen to them, pray for them, feed them, clothe them, throw them Christmas parties, give them hope and share Jesus to them makes all the difference.
      James 1:27 echoes this: "Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.
I saw many wives, children, and relatives visiting their incarcerated husbands, fathers and loved ones. They had the same facial expressions and the same story of loss, lack, and fatherlessness.
      The same story unfolds for every country, race or generation where a father or mother was sentenced to jail. Indefinite separation from parents sets the stage for them to lack
guidance and parenting thereby making them prone to a host of emotional trauma, abuse, rejection, and neglect. Couple these with the propensity to engage in illegal activities and addictions to drugs, pornography, sex, gambling, among others.
      But, there's good news. After serving time in prison, President Richard Nixon's "hatchet man" Charles Colson was empowered and anointed by God to impact the lives of prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families through the establishment of
Prison Fellowship in 1976. This non-profit ministry aims for the redemption, reconciliation, and restoration of prisoners and their families through the love, power and gospel of Jesus Christ.
      Eventually in 1982, ex-bank robber and prisoner Mary Kay Beard founded Angel Tree in Birmingham, Alabama to help Prison Fellowship prisoners connect with their families especially children during Christmas. The idea is to allow a sponsor to give a Christmas gift to a child under the name of his own incarcerated parent. In its first year, 556 children were given and to date about 9 million children and 5.2 million inmate parents were ministered to.

~ There are now
1.7 million children who have one or both parents in prison.
~ You can change lives and make a difference right NOW.
~ Click
Angel Tree to know more details and how you and your church can partner with them.
~ Imagine what your Christmas gift and prayer can do to one of these kids.

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Hippo In The Garden by Author Mark Trodd

Title: Hippo in the Garden
By: Mark Trodd
ISBN# 978-1-4797-2088-0
Review Date: December 10, 2012
Reviewed by: CBM Christian Book Marketing
10.0 out of 10.0 Stars

Hippo in the Garden by Christian author Mark Trodd is a sequel to his first book, Hippo in the Stable, a delightful story of a hippo that witnessed the birth of Christ.  Hippo in the Garden is staged about thirty years after that event, during the first Easter.  This engaging story is one your children will love.  Journey with Hector, the young hippo, on his adventure as he is captured by Roman soldiers and led to Jerusalem.  Hector finds himself witnessing the crucifixion of Jesus and is amazed that He forgives even the men who hung Him on a cross.  This wonderful story weaves a biblical portrayal of Jesus' crucifixion and addresses the issue of forgiveness. 

With full color illustrations, your child will love the story of Hector the Hippo that is told through short and easy to understand dialogue.  Children will surely be impacted by this endearing story that is refreshing, cute and thought provoking for little ones.  This book is highly recommended for parents with young children and I can tell you that my seven year old loved the book.        

For more information about author Mark Trodd and this wonderful book, Hippo in the Garden, visit Mark Trodd's Amazon page. You can find additional information at Mark's website Hippo In The Garden.

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Bless Someone This Christmas with Experiencing Jesus’ Joy

Dr. Joseph wrote Experiencing Jesus' Joy to help all who want to experience more joy and inner peace from their walk with God. Chapter-by-chapter, he has laid out a biblical overview of God's desired purpose for all looking in-depth at key points of God's desire and the crippling effects of Satan's deceptions as he turns many from God and the blessings that come from following Jesus. As you read through each chapter realizing more fully what God is asking of you and what Satan is doing to quench the leading of the Holy Spirit, you will be liberated to follow Jesus more fully realizing greater and greater godly joy and inner peace. Let this book help unlock key scriptural truths so that you will be able to walk with God in confidence and in so doing, experience firsthand His good plans for your life.

This last year, Brother James has conducted several group studies utilizing Experiencing Jesus' Joy resulting in some new and renewed commitments to follow Jesus more closely. This is a great book for personal Bible study or small groups to help develop a closer walk with God. With Christmas right around the corner, why not give a gift to family and friends that will help develop better godly understanding and potentially more godly joy and inner peace? Pastors, you might consider preparing for a church-wide study next year. Brother James will be glad to come and work through a one or two night seminar introducing the principles in Experiencing Jesus' Joy  to get your church started.

Contact Brother James at
Take advantage of this offer and the holiday special and bless someone this Christmas with a copy of Experiencing Jesus' Joy, which is available through the author's website In Jesus' Service.

In addition, it may be purchased through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Author Brian Starr releases Knighthood For The Elite

Title: Knighthood For The Elite
By: Brian D. Starr
ISBN-13: 978-1479103264
ISBN-10: 1479103292
Review Date: December 5, 2012
Reviewed by CBM Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

In his new book release Knighthood For The Elite, Christian author Brian D. Starr, delves into the subject of Knighthood, revealing secrets of the Christian/Judea religion that are not readily visible, nor easily understood, to the average Christian that does not have knowledge of the genealogy and knighthood of past Saints and historical figures. 

With diligent and extensive research, and the inclusion of intricate ancestral lineage charts, the author unveils the challenge of the Knighthood, it's meaning, ancestral lineage and individuals that have taken part in this most honorable endeavor.  This work also encompasses a grand scale of Saints to include, the mother of Jesus, as well research as to a large volume of Saints, apostles and participants in the cannons of the Bible, not to mention their descendants.  Part of this compilation is a comprehensive discussion of the nine most worthy warriors of times past from three different eras (three from each): the Christian era, the Hebrew (Biblical) era and Roman, Greek and Macedonian eras.

The author has painstakingly and craftfully compiled this work, encompassing the following chapters: The Priest, The Five Generation Genesis of God, (the Davidic, Aaronic Levitical, the Gamalas and Arimathea); The Time of the Crucifixion and the Era of Christianity; the High Priest of Israel and the Houses of Eleazar, Elizabeth, Don Verch Mathonry, James, Joseph, Alphaeus and Thomas. 

This work involves extensive research and is a valuable resource to anyone who desires to unlock the secrets of the Christian/Judea religion, understanding the role and importance of research in genealogy, knighthood and sainthood.  These roles and recordings of certain historical figures interplay together in our world, in religion and in history.  This is a well-written and informative book and one that is unique in genre and presentation.  

For more information about author Brian Starr, Knighthood For The Elite and many other books published by Brian visit Brian D. Starr

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A CBM Christian Book Marketing Book Review - Multi-award winning and internationally published Christian Author Judy Azar LeBlanc presents I AM THAT I AM – Tracing the Footprints of God

Title: I AM THAT I AM – Tracing the Footprints of God
By: Judy Azar LeBlanc
ISBN# 978-1-936746-10-1
Review Date: December 2, 2012
Review by: CBM Christian Book Marketing
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Multi-award winning and internationally published Christian author Judy Azar LeBlanc presents I AM THAT I AM – Tracing the Footprints of God, her latest release.  This unique and comprehensive book is a biblically based, theologically sound teaching offering a full spectrum overview of the eight covenants given to humanity by God, as well as an in-depth analysis of the parabolic and miraculous healing ministry of Jesus Christ.  As an extra bonus, the author has also included over fifty names and meanings of God that reveal His character, attributes, essence, divinity, and promises to humanity.  All this and more are compiled in this user-friendly volume to include commentaries from over seventy-five renowned biblical scholars that make this book not only a wonderful resource, but a must have. 

Filled with scripture, illustrations and maps of recent excavations to relevant locations, the author unveils God's timeless and intimate involvement and absolute love for humanity.  From the beginning of Creation, the author displays God's desire and design for the entire human race.  This wonderful and well-written book clearly and concisely gives readers a complete summary and understanding of the Bible and who God is to humanity.  Enlightening and inspiring, this book reveals to the reader God's Spirit, nature, essence, divinity, omniscience and omnipotence, in a way that cannot be questioned; He is the great I AM THAT I AM.

If you ever have wondered Who God is and questioned His love for humanity, after delving into this book with its rich foundation from the Word of God, you will have no question as to how much God loves His creation and, you personally, for that matter.  To come to an understanding of knowing who God is, gives the reader confidence and encouragement to believe and rely on the fact that God is who He said He is. And as the author notes, "…that you can take to the bank." 

A must have for your literary collection, this book comes highly recommended to any believer in Jesus Christ that yearns and desires for a more intimate knowledge of who God is personally to them, and who God is in regards to the entire human race.  This book is a great gift for anyone who values clear and theologically sound research with a solid foundation from the Word of God.  The author has done an excellent job in presenting the truth of Scripture in one easy to understand reader-friendly volume.     

For more information about the author and her books, visit  You can also order Author Judy LeBlanc's  book I AM THAT I AM at Amazon.
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Coming January 2013 - The Unspeakable, Order Your Copy Now

Coming January 2013!

Who said forgiveness was easy?

When a furtive conflict is pitted between violent leftist guerrillas and a rightwing paramilitary group in Colombia, a North American woman mistakenly gets caught in the middle.

"I spent four months, one week and two days in a clandestine prison referred to as The Water Cave. Every day I stared hell in the face, and each day I wanted to die. I don't want to share too much too quickly. To understand fully, you must join hands with me, fasten your heart to mine, and course through my book.    

Stumble over the incomprehensible human rights journey with me. I've pondered it to the brink of questionable sanity, and it is the only way. It's the only way to explain. I suppose I should  consider myself lucky I survived at all—for many did not—yet, perplexingly so, that's not the premise of this narrative.

~ He altered my life, marked me forever.
~ But it's not how you might imagine.
~ This is a story involving Horacio Botello, my torturer known as Puma."

The Unspeakable
For more information visit Author Tessa Stockton

* Article use with permission from the author.

Christian Book Editing Services, Proofreading, Copy Editing, and Formatting

Let our professional Christian Book Editing Services help you to perfect your work and provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that everything has been double checked and fine tuned!

~Proofreading, Copy Editing, and Formatting

Our manuscript editing services will help to clean up your work and fine tune it to perfection. We will help you to identify and correct any weak points or other issues page by page.

Upon completion you will have a much more professional manuscript that is much stronger and that will be free of spelling errors, grammatical errors, typographical errors and other errors that could greatly hinder your publication and success.

We do not rewrite your story. You will be able to see what suggestions and changes we have made giving you the final say so. You are the author, it's your book and we understand the endless hours and hard work that you have put forth.

PROOFREADING involves reading and finding typographical errors, punctuation errors, misspellings, formatting inconsistencies and making those corrections.

COPY EDITING covers all the above, but also includes correcting grammar, word usage, capitalization, word breaks, tones, and format. There is light copy editing, medium copy editing and what is considered heavy copy editing.

FORMATTING — addresses style, chapter formatting (check for correct page numbers, table of contents, margins, headings, spacing, indentations / paragraphs, quotes, references, proper use of blank pages, footnotes / endnotes).

Regardless of whether you are self publishing, using a print on demand publisher or submitting your manuscript to a publisher for consideration, professional proofreading and editing can make a huge difference.
Other services include book reviews, author press releases, book trailer productions and expanded author promotions and book marketing.

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A Christian Book Marketing Author Press Release - Steve Goodwin, Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement

CBM Christian Author Press Release
Steve Goodwin, Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement
November 28, 2012
For Immediate Release

October 4, 2012- Just released by Christian author, Steve Goodwin, Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement considers issues that pertain to eternity, salvation and the spiritual realm.  Elijah was a man like many others; there were childhood traumas and dreams that led him on a path to becoming "comfortably numb" with the circumstances that life offered.  Feeling empty and having a lack of peace, Elijah discovers that God was always there, even when he turned away.  Discover the truth and reality of salvation, forgiveness and life with happiness and joy that is not derived from worldly possessions.  There is an inner peace that can only be found through Jesus Christ, as the author presents Elijah to the reader.  Discover why, "I was a good person," is an excuse that many will use at the Last Judgment.  Challenging and provocative, this book offers the readers to come up higher in a most amazing way.

Author Steve Goodwin writes with conviction and creativity.  He is a computer programmer and videogame producer who understands that a good plot must have a "good story."  His compelling writing-style focuses on foundational Christian values such as: faith, salvation, forgiveness, trust, love, relationships and the Bible.  Offering a new adventurous twist, the author has labored with this novel as an endeavor to reveal to others that there is peace, love and forgiveness to be found through Jesus Christ.  

Refreshing and inspiring, this novel offers a fun, high-paced adventurous read that will leave the reader wanting to know what happens next.  Well-written and highly engaging, this book is a must for those that consider happenstance just as a coincidence of life-perhaps there is much more to life that we cannot see…this challenges the reader to consider the reality of eternity, salvation and the spiritual realm.  A highly entertaining read that would make a wonderful gift to those that are looking for something more in life-they might find life and truth in Jesus Christ through this amazing novel.

·                                  Publisher: Software Development Pty Ltd (October 4, 2012)
·                                 Language: English
·                                 ISBN-10: 0987378406
·                                 ISBN-13: 978-0987378408

You may contact Steve Goodwin by email at . For further information about the author and the book, be sure to visit

~ Get your copy of Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement at Amazon

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Christian author and Life Coach Denise Milianta, Coached by God – The Power of Wisdom

Coached by God – The Power of Wisdom by Christian author and life coach, Denise Milianta, offers godly wisdom and principles based on scripture in this new book.  Encouraging and inspiring, the author reveals sound biblical perspective to all of life's circumstances and decisions.  Learn to apply biblical wisdom in all areas of your life that include obedience unto God, financial decisions and wisdom to restore broken relationships.  Unlock your life's potential and discover that you were made for a unique purpose in life where there is life and joy.  Enter into a new season spiritually and emotionally through the pages of this book; one that is overflowing with a new life and hope that is found in Jesus Christ; discover that, "All things are possible with God." 

Revealing God's way and how to make the right choice, versus the wrong choice, all in obedience to God and His Word, one will find hope and newness through this spiritual handbook, as it reveals one woman's true-life story of heartbreak that led to an amazing journey of intimacy with God.  If you have experienced the pain of divorce, loss and financial destruction in your life to include the loss of meaningful relationships and long for recovery and restoration, this book is recommend for you.  This book will give you the knowledge and wisdom to discover your true purpose in God, while helping you to dig deep to discover the healing, help and comfort of the Holy Spirit. 

Inspiring and uplifting, this book will give you the tools to a new life in Christ filled with purpose, joy and hope through discovering the power of wisdom.  Transform your heart and mind and walk in a new experience with God and others.  Let this season begin and end with hope; a highly recommended read for all that desire restoration and transformation in their lives.

You may contact the author at her website: or contact her by email at:  You can find her books on Denise Milianta's Amazon page and other fine online bookstores.  She is available for life coaching and speaking engagements in her immediate area, please contact her website for more details.

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Christian author Mark Trodd, Hippo in the Stable

Title: Hippo in the Stable
By: Mark Trodd
ISBN# 978-1-4797-1561-9
Review Date: November 23, 2012
Reviewed by: CBM Christian Book Reviews
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Hippo in the Stable by Christian author, Mark Trodd, is a full color illustrated children's book that is a delightful tale of a Hippo named Harriet who is captured from her home by Roman soldiers.  She is taken to Jerusalem, but escapes with Boon, a wide-eyed intelligent monkey.  The pair end up in an amazing place, which happens to be the same stable as where baby Jesus was born.  There in Bethlehem, the two are curious why this baby is so special, as they witness the three wise men giving gifts to worship the little baby in the manger who is said to have been born to save the people from their sins.  They later learn that he will lead people to the way to God.

Your children will learn of baby Jesus and history as these two charming characters journey together, and follow Jesus to find their way back home.  Parents will find that this book is an encouragement and a door opener to talk to young children about Jesus.  Little ones will be delighted by the colorful full page illustrations and adore this story of a little Hippo named Harriet.

Mark Trodd is an ex-schoolteacher of 18 years.  His love is to write and as he writes- he feels naked without a pen in his hand.  His hopes are to enrich children's lives through the use of enchanting stories focusing children on the Lord.  Harriet the Hippo was inspired through a puppet that his wife of thirty-five years used during her career as a Kindergarten teacher, as she taught little ones to be prepared in a world of "big people." 

Visit Hippo in the Stable by Mark Trodd for more information. You can also get your copy of Hippo in the Stable at Mark Trodd's Amazon page and in ebook format at Faithwriters.

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Christian Book Marketing Book Review - Suffer the Slings and Arrows: Dialogues with Job by author Wayne Wilson

Title: Suffer the Slings and Arrows: Dialogues with Job

Author: Wayne Wilson

Review Date: November 09, 2012

Reviewed by CBM Christian Book Marketing

10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Suffer the Slings and Arrows: Dialogues with Job by author Wayne Wilson is a fictional narration of the classic Old Testament Book and one of the oldest books of the Bible, The Book of Job.  As most Christians may be familiar with the Book of Job and his sufferings, the author has written an intriguing fictional account, taking the reader back in time to 15 years after Job encountered his sufferings.  As noted in the popular cliché, "Time heals old wounds" the author thoughtfully takes a look at how Job's sufferings affected each character emotionally, socially and spiritually.  The author reveals Job's relationship with God, therefore asking and answering poignant questions that arise throughout the Book of Job.  If you have ever had trouble enduring or understanding the book of Job, consider this book that delves in deep and gives the reader a practical look at the Book of Job through the creative use of dialogue, scripture and encouragement.
This inspiring read will challenge the reader to come up higher in their pursuit of God while they consider God's servant, Job.  Regarded as one of the greatest literature books in history, the Book of Job has a significant meaning to many who walk the "straight path."  Within these turbulent times, people need to know who their redeemer is and that whatever happens they must gain an attitude of Job who triumphantly proclaims, Though I be tried by fire, yet I shall come through as gold, and Yea though He slay me, yet I will still worship Thee.   

As the author notes, "The story of Job encapsulates the story of the Old Testament and is applicable to all.  Job encourages us to rise above the suffering and find contentment in God Himself…not in His provisions.  Seek God's face, not His hand." Answering the question of, is love really love when there is no hidden agenda behind it? 

Capturing the essence of the time period and the timeless message of the Book of Job, readers will develop a deeper knowing and a deeper knowledge of God through this delightful and well written book from an author who has always been intrigued by the Book of Job and it's purpose.  A highly recommended, entertaining must read that will keep you coming back for more.

You may get your copy of Suffer the Slings and Arrows: Dialogues with Job on Amazon .

~ A CBM Christian Book Marketing Book Review, sharing Christ with the world.

Book Release, The Fisherman's Wife by Author - Speaker, Dianne G. Sagan

Dianne G. Sagan is known for her Christian fiction and Historical fiction. She was born in Illinois but moved to Texas before her 1st birthday. A family story says she cut her first tooth on the seat belt of the airplane on the trip to her new home. Dianne has lived most of her life in Texas except for 15 years living in Washington State. Her love of writing started in high school, but her love of story telling she inherited from her paternal grandfather. Mrs. Sagan has written 45+ opinion pieces and articles, ghostwritten 10 books (one of which was an Amazon Best Seller in Canada), women's fiction, and Christian fiction. An award winning author, she had been in two anthologies as well. Married to a freelance writer and editor, Sagan enjoys her life as a writer living in Texas. She is a professional facilitator and speaks to writers' groups and presents at writers' conferences.

The Fisherman's Wife by Author - Speaker, Dianne G. Sagan.

Be sure to visit Author Dianne G. Sagan at her author's website. You may also get your copy of The Fisherman's Wife on Amazon and other fine online bookstores and is also available on Kindle and Nook

Video book trailer used with permission from the author.

CBM Christian Book Marketing presents Christian Author Judy Azar LeBlanc's I AM THAT I AM

I AM THAT I AM – Tracing the Footprints of God by Christian author Judy Azar LeBlanc is a must read and one of those books everyone should have in their collection. The author has presented a comprehensive book that gives a full spectrum overview of the eight covenants given to humanity by God, which includes an in-depth discussion and analysis of the full parabolic, healing, and divine ministry of Jesus Christ.  Systematically tracing the "footprints of God," as noted in the title, Judy Azar LeBlanc focuses the reader on who God is by revealing His character and design for humanity since the beginning of time.  With extensive research, the author includes maps, illustrations of famous archeological sites, over seventy-five commentaries from well renowned biblical scholars, and a complete list of over fifty names and meanings of God - this book covers it all.  This well written and theologically sound book will give the reader a deeper understanding of the love God has for humanity and who the great I AM THAT I AM is since the beginning of time.  A wonderful, highly recommended read. 

Judy Azar LeBlanc is a multi-award winning author teacher and lifelong student of the Bible.  Her literary titles include Theology 101 in Bite Size Pieces – A Bird's Eye View of the Riches of Divine Grace, Many Faces to Many Places, Things My Father Never Taught Me, The Compromise,  and The Unveiling.

For more information about the book I AM THAT I AM, author Judy Azar LeBlanc and her ministry visit the author's website at  You may also get your copy of I AM THAT I AM at Amazon and at other fine online bookstores. If your local bookstore doesn't have a copy in stock, be sure to request one. Be sure to view other book releases by Judy Azar LeBlanc.

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The Jesus Movement

'What God Has Wrought' - a documentary on Chuck Smith and the Calvary Chapel Movement

By Janey DeMeo
Special to ASSIST News Service

VISTA, CA (ANS) -- One of the greatest spiritual revivals to sweep America, even the world, was the Jesus Movement. It happened back in the late sixties and early seventies during the hippy era, and one of the key players was Chuck Smith.

"What God Has Wrought" tells the story of Chuck Smith and the birth of the Jesus Movement and Calvary Chapel, a then small Southern California church that he had just become the pastor of.

It's a story that has marked history in remarkable ways, changed lives radically; a story well worth hearing (and seeing).

During that period of upheaval in America, most hippies were young people reacting to society and tradition and in pursuit of authenticity, meaning, love and peace. Many thought they'd found it in drugs, revolutionary music and their free-love lifestyles.

The older generation, for the most part, viewed them as a bunch of grungy losers, but not Kay, wife of Pastor Chuck Smith. She saw them not as losers but as lost. And she wanted to help them find their way back home.

Chuck Smith found himself acquiescing to his wife's compassion and soon found his church, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, filling up with barefoot, longhaired "seekers"-week after week. Men such as Greg Laurie, Mike MacIntosh, Raul Ries, and many other now prominent Calvary Chapel pastors.

These young people were hungry for truth, peace and love. They wanted to belong to a cause bigger than themselves. They found it at Calvary Chapel within the simple expository teaching of Chuck Smith, teaching that simply pointed them to Jesus. They were excited and passionate about their newfound faith, and eager to express it.

This led to the birth of contemporary Christian music which sounded a lot like an amalgam of Beatles and Beach Boys-a very sixties sound-but with Christian words. It was a musical revolution and it caused quite a stir amongst the traditional crowd.

The recently released documentary, "What God Has Wrought" is a riveting account of how Calvary Chapel became the catalyst for the Jesus Movement. It includes interviews with Chuck Smith, testimonies from those who were transformed by though this outpouring, flashbacks to actual church services, testimonies and clips of the Jesus Movement bands such as Love Song.

Talking about his role during the Jesus People movement, Chuck Smith said, "I didn't want to direct the Holy Spirit, I just wanted to find out how the Holy Spirit was moving and get in the boat and move with him."

It is heart stirring, inspiring and well worth watching. The DVD has also just won "Best Documentary 2012" at The International Christian Film Festival in Irvine, California on October 6th, 2012.

For more info on "What God Has Wrought", or to order a copy of the DVD, visit: or

 ASSIST News Service (ANS)

CBM Book Review - Child of the King by Debra Diaz

Title: Child of the King
By: Author Debra Diaz
Available in Digital Format
Review Date: October 26, 2012
Book Review by CBM Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Christian novelist, Debra Diaz, releases Child of the King, a stand alone novel as the third book in the "Woman of Sin" trilogy.  Come and escape to a time and a place long ago, during the reign of Claudius Caesar in 50 A.D.  Find enchanting young Rachel, the daughter of  Paulus and Alysia, now a grown woman and ready for a life of her own.  She is about to encounter the most trying period of her life, as Metellus comes to find her to return her to Rome by the edict of Caesar.  This edict is an act of honor carried out by the Caesar as his dead friend, Paulus Valerius Maximus' (Alysia's father) last dying wish.  There is a letter for Rachel, waiting for her in Rome, but not before both Rachel and Metellus will be forever changed throughout this journey. 
Rachel, who is almost 18, embarks on a young woman's coming of age, as she finds herself on a path of spiritual discovery, as she is forced to face fears and let go of the past that has tortured her for so long.  This biblical fiction will delight the readers with historical time period writing, intrigue, romance, suspense and many will find this book an escape to a life well-lived and many life lessons learned.

Award winning and multi-published author Debra Diaz has a unique writing style that captures the reader and transports them to the place and era she writes about.  Her goal as an author in her own words are,  "My aim for you as a writer is to create another world…a world that you can walk around in and experience in your own way, and come back feeling that you actually went somewhere…that you were not only entertained but inspired and challenged!"

Child Of The King by Debra Diaz is available at her website, and in digital format on Amazon, as well as other fine online bookstores. Be sure to get your copy today.

Child of the King by Debra Diaz
Review by CBM Christian Book Reviews

10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

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A Christian Book Marketing Press Release - I AM THAT I AM by Multi-Published Award Winning Author Judy Azar LeBlanc

A CBM Christian Author Press Release

Judy Azar LeBlanc releases I AM THAT I AM - Tracing the Footprints of God  October 26, 2012, Hideaway, Texas

Multi-award winning Christian author, teacher, and lifelong student of the Bible, Judy Azar LeBlanc, proudly announces the release of her latest book - I AM THAT I AM - Tracing the Footprints of God.  I AM THAT I AM is an in-depth biblical study into the knowledge of God and who He is by revealing the eight Covenants given to humanity by God with an in-depth discussion and analysis of the full parabolic, healing, and divine ministry of Jesus Christ.

The author includes an extensive list, as written in the Word of God, of over fifty names and titles of God that reveal His character, divinity, and attributes of His personality.  The reader will be given a new perspective and an intimate understanding of God that will prove to lead the reader into a new understanding and appreciation of who God is, and how much He loves humanity.

With over seventy-five commentaries from renowned biblical scholars, this book offers:
  • A deeper understanding of Scripture, who God is, His character, His attributes, His promises, His Covenants, and His involvement with humanity throughout history are clearly expounded upon through Scripture including the use of Hebrew/Greek root words and meaning. 
  • A comprehensive study of biblical events supported by full color archaeological images of recent excavation findings, historical illustrations, and map images that show relevance to modern day locations to give the reader a full perspective of the impact of God's Covenants, grace and promises to all of humanity.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the spiritual blessings provided by the different dispensations throughout history to include: salvation, forgiveness, redemption, justification, reconciliation, deliverance from the power of darkness, heavenly citizenship, direct access to God the Father, adoption, our inheritance, and the freedom from the law under grace.
Many, maybe even millions seek God on a daily basis, or perhaps just every Sunday in churches, and through various media, but without the knowledge of who God is, how can one come to know Him?  How does one know that he or she is really loved by God, and that God is who He says that He is?  Author Judy Azar LeBlanc answers those questions in full spectrum.  This is a wonderful and enriching book that will remind and bless the Body of Christ, that God is  --- the Great I AM THAT I AM.

For more information about the author and her books, visit  You may also contact the author directly at

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The Pocket Testament League - WHERE IS MY BRIDE? By Kimberly Miller

First Place and the winner of two paid writing assignments from
The Pocket Testament League goes to -
WHERE IS MY BRIDE? By Kimberly Miller

The vivid experience of sorrow felt driving down Independence Avenue gripped my heart with untold anguish. Tears soon blurred my view of the desolate and decaying street, as an unknown fury began to rise up from my belly. Anguish had turned to weeping and weeping to anger; anger had then led my weary heart into groaning intercession with the Almighty.

I cleared my eyes and continued to survey the avenue. Prostitutes stood far from discreet at various vantage points, drunks stumbled disarrayed throughout the littered alleys, mothers dragged along numerous children who since birth were sentenced to the cycling mentality of poverty, and at every corner I drove by there stood a church.

God's grief and longing for humanity had become mingled with my own angered discontent with society's brokenness and bondage. I began to cry out to God, asking Him why He was doing nothing about the state of my city, and why He continued to leave the people hurting and without a Shepherd. My fury at the injustice I was viewing, lead me to come all but close to accusing God of doing nothing to save the lost.

And that's when He spoke, gently whispering into the depths of my being, "Child, where is My body? I can do nothing apart from My church. She is My hands and feet. She is My voice that speaks. Where is My church? I am in the midst of My city doing My work, but who is there partnering with Me? She is a spider without legs. No change can be wrought and no souls can be saved, without the hands and feet of My body going forth with My name."

I sat silently stunned; left unable to move, unable to speak, and unable to even weep. When I got home I opened a phone book and began to count the number of churches and ministries throughout the city. I stopped at 943.

I closed the phone book and prayed. I asked God to send forth laborers to His vineyard, and to give us a heart-you and I-for the lost ones He loves.

The other day I stumbled across a ministry that shed a glimpse of hope within my soul. The ministry is called the Pocket Testament League. Their main goal is to lead souls to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and to equip others to do the same. Not only does the site offer free devotionals to strengthen and encourage the believer, they also offer the necessary evangelism tools that we as believers need to be His hands and feet to a lost and dying world. The ministry encourages every believer to carry a pocket sized gospel of John, to daily read and share with those we come into contact with. One believer with God's heart for the lost and adequate training in evangelism, can be the tool He needs to set just one soul free.
Let's be His hands and feet.

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Author Shari Hadley, From the Cauldron to the Cross

Author Shari Hadley writes her incredible journey, From the Cauldron to the Cross, My Journey From Wiccan to Christian. Once a devout Wiccan, the author found her life in a pit of despair after the tragic death of her husband.  Her religion as a Wiccan had only left her feeling empty and angry.  Her journey led her to renounce Wicca, and begin a new life in Christ as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Experience this amazing true story of one woman who found truth despite the lies.  With much perseverance she found complete freedom in Christ, the One true living God. 

Shari Hadley's life was marred with childhood abuse, sorrow and grief.  She came to know that life was difficult at an early age as she endured mental and physical abuse throughout her childhood.  But life changed for the better after meeting Randy, her husband.  Happily married with a son of five years old, life abruptly changed after horrifying news of the death of her husband.  After the police left her house that night, the author shares her heart-felt struggles, as she questioned for the first time her faith in Wicca.  

Recommended for new Christians and especially those who call themselves Wiccans, this book addresses the very real struggles individuals may have and gives insight into the spiritual warfare that is involved with partaking in the worship and religion known as Wicca.  This book is a bold testimony to the power and salvation of the Lord that has the power over all evil.  An intriguing and enlightening read that all will enjoy. 

"This is a great story that will help you better understand the kingdom of darkness that engulfs many people in this fallen world" (Dr. Neil T. Anderson).    

For more information about the author and the book, visit  From the Cauldron to the Cross, My Journey From Wiccan to Christian. You may also get your copy of From the Cauldron to the Cross, My Journey From Wiccan to Christian on Amazon and other fine online book stores.

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Christ’s Humanity-A Thing to be Grasped by author Thomas G. Thompson, published by Son Publishing

Christ's Humanity-A Thing to be Grasped by author Thomas G. Thompson, published by Son Publishing is a revealing book that step-by-step takes a look at the person of Jesus Christ.  Divine by nature, Christ, as the Son of God is fully God, but chose to come fully human to save the world from their sins.  The author quotes this quote as the central theme, "He did not think existing in the form of and being equal to God as something to be grasped, but emptied himself taking the form of a slave."  The work of the Cross is brought to the forefront as this book brings a deeper understanding of Christ's humanity and divinity. 

Filled with Scripture, the author systematically discusses the life, incarnation, humiliation, exaltation and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ, not by his opinion, but according to Scripture.  This book reveals that Christ was God, but also lowered himself to become a man, making all that He experienced and suffered for our sake even more monumental, therefore challenging the reader to grasp the full weight of what Christ has done for humanity.  This scriptural and fascinating read is for those that desire to know Christ more intimately, which must be appreciated, grasped and understood for salvation's sake. 

Written by the author as an encouraging and uplifting book for all those within the Body of Christ who love and serve the Lord, and who eagerly await His triumphant return, this book will change one's view and even perhaps impact those agnostics that don't believe in Christ.  May you be blessed and strengthened in your faith as you come to know Christ more intimately through this important teaching on Christ.

Christ's Humanity-A Thing to be Grasped
Product Details
Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: SON Publishing
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0985140305
~ ISBN-13: 978-0985140304

For more information about author Thomas G. Thompson and the book Christ's Humanity-A Thing to be Grasped, visit Christ's Humanity . You may also get your copy of the book Christ's Humanity-A Thing to be Grasped on Amazon and at other fine online bookstores.

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