The Unspeakable by Author Tessa Stockton - Kindle Edition

Multi-published author Tessa Stockton releases her latest suspense thriller, The Unspeakable. Fascinating and intriguing, this novel intertwines the use of scripture, shedding light into the darkness and torture that one North American woman encounters as she faces a brutal imprisonment in a dark place known as, "The Water Cave."

Set in Colombia, this young woman falls prey to unforgettable human rights violations, fueled by the constant turmoil of leftist guerrillas and a rightwing paramilitary group. Left to ponder her predicament while wondering if she will ever get out alive, day after day, she faces the unending emotional and physical torture from a man known as, "Puma."

Tessa Stockton writes with conviction and descriptive imagery that will fully engage the reader. This book presents issues of forgiveness in a uniquely challenging way.

Come and experience the raw intensity of one woman who embarks on a journey that will forever change her life, but not in the way that most would suspect. This is a worthwhile read that offers inspiration, hope, and forgiveness, amidst tragedy.

Other books by Tessa Stockton include: The Unforgivable and Wind's Aria.

For more information about the author and her books, visit Tessa Stockton. You may get your copy of The Unspeakable on Amazon in paperback, in Kindle Edition, or Nook.

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Virtual Book Tours, Blog Hops, Christian Books Sales and Getting the Word Out, It's All Good

Today, one of the hot book marketing concepts is virtual book tours. While I have seen some good results for various authors, I've also heard negatives from other authors. Actually, it doesn't make sense to me, because I like the concept and have watched it grow over the years. However, what I have heard is that basically author's are giving away books, gifts and sometimes cash for a moment in the spot light. Of course one must also take into account the book subject matter, if the author is a multi-published author and especially the book cover because all of these are important when it comes to book sales. Especially the book cover as that is the very first thing that a book lover sees. Regardless, I love the title and the service sounds exciting.

I do know of a Christian membership of authors with Christian sites that offer blog hops with success that I would be happy to recommend. I've seen and heard great results through their efforts and especially with regards to Amazon sales. If you would like to connect with them, simply email us at ... I have known the director for many years, she is a blessing to know and truly loves to help Christian authors share God's love around the world. She is also a multi-published author.

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In closing, anytime a author can increase their online presence, they are taking the right steps. Press forward in all that you do, get the word out and trust the Lord for the rest. Go hoping, go touring, go with one a CBM's 100 site marketing packages because no one can buy your book if they don't know it exist and can't find it.

Marketing Stategy, Christian Books

I recently saw a book marketing strategy that said Book Blast. Considering that CBM Christian Book Marketing has been offering Author's Article Blast's for years now, we will take that as a compliment. Maybe we should use the title Christian Book Marketing Blast as a more catchy phrase.
We are really not into all that fast paced marketing hype with the fancy titles, however, if you are looking to professionally promote and marketing your book, we would love to hear from you. CBM Christian Book Marketing offers book reviews, author press releases, author's article blasts, author website and blog creations and many other marketing services. Oh and the best part is that we only promote and market Christian titles. We love sowing good seed around the world that will produce a harvest of fruit for the Lord.
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Come Meet Author Rebecca Myers - Remember Eternity Is Only a Breath Away

Eternity is only a breath away, but we must choose it first.  Poignant, heart-warming and fascinating, this true account of one woman's journey through life, then to Heaven and back, is quite unforgettable.

My Journey To Heaven and Back written by Rebecca Myers is a remarkable true story of her amazing near death experience.  Rebecca's story is one that will forever leave an indelible imprint on one's soul.  Experiencing near death while undergoing surgery, she had suddenly stopped breathing.  Leaving her body, she could hear the code being started by hospital staff as she watched them scurry about the room attempting to bring her back.  In her book she describes this amazing journey to a place she knew to be "Heaven" and describes what she saw and felt there. 

Her husband, left to face the possibility of losing her, was on his knees in a room near by begging for God to save her life and bring his dear Rebecca back to him.  Rebecca, in that place of peace and love, was given a choice.  She could return to the physical realm to her husband or stay in this wonderful, new beautiful world that she knew was her home.  This book is an absolute testimony to the power of prayer, faith, love and compassion, while exhibiting the faith of one man that dared to ask for the impossible.  Come and experience an unforgettable true account of a woman that experienced Heaven, but chose to come back to her true love on Earth. 

The author has chosen to unveil her story so that others may be encouraged that death is not a thing to fear.  She explains that death is easy and quick, but there is more waiting on the other side than we could ever imagine.  One will be inspired and encouraged to look up to God, our Father in Heaven, to get us through this journey called "life."  Even though life is not easy and as for Rebecca, life had been filled with abuse, neglect, rejection and turmoil.  This book gives the reader hope that life can turn around for the better, no matter what is behind you in your past.  The point is, the past is the past and the present is your reality that we all must appreciate and embrace to enjoy life now in our" present.  A highly recommended read.

For more information about Author Rebecca Myers and My Journey To Heaven and Back visit Write Style Publishing. You may also get your copy of My Journey To Heaven and Back on Amazon in  paperback or Kindle Edition. Be sure to drop by and read the latest on Rebecca's Blog.

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Christian Author Garry Stopa's Christ Crucified

Title: Christ Crucified
By: Garry Stopa
ISBN-13: 978-1482002393
ISBN-10: 1482002396
Review Date: January 22, 2013
Review by: CBM Christian Book Marketing
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Christ Crucified by multi-published Christian author, Garry Stopa, reveals hidden truths from the books of Exodus, Numbers and Leviticus by giving the reader a fascinating book that reads like a novel.  Exciting and intriguing, this novel presents these truths from the Old Testament to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  One will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the work of the Cross, giving way to Holy Communion that is our blessed privilege and assurance.  An amazing overview of Christ's betrayal, arrest and soon to follow desertion by His disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane follows. The author captures the essence of the intense emotion and suffering of Christ, as the truth of scripture is unveiled, giving way to the sacrifice that was soon to follow.  The author has clearly given the blueprint of God's plan of redemption to all mankind, drawing all who seek into sweet and Holy Communion with Christ.  Once one discovers that the curtain has been torn, the way is made clear, and that we may come boldly into our inheritance through Christ, lives forever change!   

Presenting the reality and relevance of Holy Communion, the author notes that Holy Communion is much more than a religious ritual.  Blessings, answered prayer and revelation are often directly connected with this revelation.   Rich with scripture, the author gives an account of the redemptive powers of the blood of Jesus Christ that will touch all areas of one's life.  This is no ordinary book, but gives the truth of scripture in a clear and concise manner.  Offering hope, encouragement and blessings, it is the author's desire that all come into this close communion with the Lord.  If you are looking for encouragement, need your faith ignited and yearn for a closer more intimate walk with the Lord, this is the book for you. 

Christ Crucified is recommended for believers and unbelievers alike, and to those atheists and skeptics as well.  The author opens blind eyes by speaking foundational biblical truths into the minds and spirits of all who read this biblically based book on the truth of the Gospel.  Conveying the absolute need for salvation and the remission of sins, this is a must read for all Christians, new believers and those who question why salvation, sacrifice and communion is necessary, therefore shedding light on the many blessings available to all.  Readers will find this read fascinating, refreshing and comprehensive on the subject of Christ crucified. 

For more information about Christ Crucified and other books by Garry visit Books By Garry Stopa. You may also visit Garry Stopa's Amazon page to order his books. Be sure to visit Garry's blog at

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Christian Book Sales, Priming the Pump

We had a author email us the other day wanting to know how much it would cost to help them sell one million books? My reply was "maybe you should try to make the top 10 on Amazon first and then move up the ranks".
Don't get me wrong, it's good to dream. It's even good to set goals, however, sometimes one must wake up and consider reality.
Author's be not confused. Rarely does a unknown author sell millions of books. It just doesn't happen, however, that should not be the basis for giving up. As a new self published or even multi-published Christian author, you must start somewhere and put a marketing plan together that promotes your Christian book while also getting you as the author, the exposure that you need.
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Author Larry Adams releases Future Focus: Relating to God As We Approach the End Times

Future Focus: Relating to God As We Approach the End Times
By: Author Larry Adams
ISBN# 978-0-98534-602-7
Review Date: January 8, 2013
Review by: CBM Christian Book Marketing
10.0 Stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Future Focus-Relating to God As We Approach the End Times by Christian author Larry Adams presents to readers a thought provoking book on how one views God and interprets scripture.  Inspiring and encouraging, the author asks if you are seeking God first in your life.  The book also speaks of our own assumptions, and assumptions that relate to God as well.  By use of specific reading fundamentals that have been in use for centuries and rules of interpretation, the author is careful and diligent to interpret scripture, not adding any of his own assumptions or interpretations.  The book challenges readers to examine their walk with God and to come into a place of maturity by going back to the basics.  The basics are presented in his book and are taken from scripture.  

Presenting an overview of each subject, chapters are short and sweet and include scripture that instruct, inspire and encourage believers and non-believers alike to make God their focus and priority in life.  The theme of the book is to put God first in all you do and toss out all assumptions that are just that…assumptions.  Assumptions are what we live and accept from those around us and in our world.  Assumptions are influenced by many different factors.  The author encourages believers to read from the Bible and to take to heart the many warnings and teachings that the Bible has to offer.  Although some of his writing may be considered confrontational or controversial, the author notes that Jesus was accused of much of the same from the religious of His day as well.

An overview of many pertinent topics are included that interest many.  These chapters include titles such as: After God's Own Heart; Being in God's Presence; Burden Bearing; Curses; Disciple's Oath; Do You Really Mean It; Enforcing the "Santa Claus" principle; Evil and Suffering; Free; Give Thanks; Heavenly Minded to be Earthly Good; Herd Mentality; Knowing Jesus; Mommy's Dying from Cancer; Practicing Lawlessness; Reading Fundamentals- Context; Remain; Repent and Believe; Responsibility to Maturity and Obedience; The Cause of Christ; The Oldest Trick in the Book; Rapture Notes and Revelation. 

All these chapters are very informative endeavors to shed light on subjects that are relevant to repentance, faith, obedience that reveal the truth of God's Word and point the reader to keep God as their main focus for the future.  A highly recommend and short read that will give insight and assist readers to better understand the basics of scripture and reading fundamentals.

10.0 Stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

New for 2013 - No Shame! Only Power by author Val Newton Knowles

No Shame! Only Power by author Val Newton Knowles, is a fascinating read empowering Christians to walk victoriously in their lives.  Are you tired of feeling defeated and hopeless in your Christian walk?  Learn to overcome life's obstacles through this powerful teaching of living life according to God's Word and through the assistance of the Holy Spirit.  The author gives great insight into the secrets of walking with God and enjoying every minute of it.  We don't have to do it alone, learn that the path is already laid out, and understand that if we do our part, God will help us to overcome. 

The author gives hope and encouragement as she teaches believers to understand that God never intended us to walk this life alone.  He gave us the Holy Spirit as our helper and comforter.  Learn how to apply biblical principles in a practical way to live life victoriously.  Learn that all things are possible with God, once we tap into His infinite wisdom and power.  Come and be encouraged and strengthened in the inner man, as these principals will help one to walk in power, while refreshing and renewing one's soul and mind in Christ.  There is no shame, only power…

For more information about the author and her new book release, No Shame! Only Power, visit the author's website at: Val Newton Knowles.  Watch for this new book release coming in April and available at the author's website and on Amazon.

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Author Carol Round's Journaling with Jesus: How to Draw Closer to God - Get Your Copy On Amazon

Journaling with Jesus: How to Draw Closer to God by Christian author, self-syndicated columnist and inspirational speaker, Carol Round, is a step-by-step introduction into drawing closer to God through scripture and the art of journaling. Let's face it, with today's fast-paced society, our memories are becoming all too shortened and unfocused.  Inspired by other Christian women in her life, the author has written a book about her own journaling experience, as well as the experiences of other women. Her book is designed to assist others on their journey through practical advice and scripture application. God speaks through His Word and will not go above or outside His Word.  By keeping a journal, one makes way for God to speak to the person through His Word.  Be encouraged and uplifted by this book to begin your own journaling journey.

Accompanying this book is a workbook entitled The 40-Day Challenge that helps readers to follow a daily devotional and routine in their new journaling adventure.  The are many wonderful reasons to keep a journal, but many don't know where to begin and how to keep consistency in their journaling habits.  These two books will increase wisdom and the knowledge of God and His promises in your life as you let the Word of God teach and instruct you.  These books are recommended for those that want to draw closer to God and would like to journal their spiritual growth by keeping a record of all that God has done and will do in their lives. 

For more information about Author Carol Round and her books, visit Journaling With Jesus. You may also get your copy of Journaling with Jesus: How to Draw Closer to God on Amazon.

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Christian Book Review - From the Cauldron to the Cross by Author Shari Hadley

Title: From the Cauldron to the Cross,
My Journey From Wiccan to Christian
By: Author Shari Hadley
Review Date: January 1, 2013
Reviewed By: CBM Christian Book Marketing
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

From the Cauldron to the Cross, My Journey From Wiccan to Christian is a remarkable true story of one woman who found truth and complete freedom in Christ through tragedy.  Shari Hadley's life was marred with abuse, sorrow and grief.  She came to know that life was difficult at an early age as she endured horrible abuse throughout her childhood.  Her answer was to turn to a Neo-Pagan religion known as Wicca.  In the end, as her life culminated into one tragedy after another with the abrupt death of her husband that led her on a journey to search for the One true God, Jesus Christ.

After the police left her house that night and given her the horrible news that her husband had been killed in a car crash, Shari Hadley, embarked on a path to find truth.  Her religion as a Wiccan left her empty and angry.  With the death of her husband, began her doubt that she had any protection from evil at all.  She realized that her religion was useless and powerless and that all the teachings were false.

Searching for answers, the Lord ambushed her in such a way that led her to salvation.  Witness her conversion and her fight as she battles to become free from the wickedness that had once kept her bound.  Eventually, through much perseverance and spiritual warfare, Shari found peace and strength in Jesus Christ.  She also found out that He is the only One true God and came into a very personal relationship with Him.

The author hopes to share her book with new Christians as they embark on the journey and addresses those that may be entangled in the religion known as Wicca.  Her book is one that gives testimony to the reality of spiritual warfare and that there is evil and good, dark versus light.  A highly recommended read.

Get Your copy of From the Cauldron to the Cross, My Journey From Wiccan to Christian on Amazon or visit Author Shari Hadley's website, From the Cauldron to the Cross for further information about the author and her book.

10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Book review by CBM Christian Book Marketing Book Reviews

FaithWriters - The Ultimate Community for Christian Writers - Monthly Blog Contest


              FaithWriters is a Christian Book Marketing partner that runs writing contests for Christian Writers weekly and monthly. In our Monthly Blog Contest  writers sharpen their skills while promoting a Christian based Ministry that is saving lives now and for eternity. These articles contain contextual links to the sponsoring ministry's website to promote awareness and encourage donations.   Writers who win receive Paid Writing Assignments from the sponsoring ministry.  FaithWriters promotes the growth of Christian Authors while spreading the gospel around the world. If you are a Christian writer, we would love to have you come and grow with us in a safe and caring Christian environment. Most Recent Contest – "Where's the line to see Jesus?" First place  Holly or Holy? by Kerry Nenn

This season, will I...
be surrounded by presents
or be surrounded by His presence?
have childlike wonder at the magic of Christmas
or wonder at the child - the meaning of Christmas?
watch a Christmas movie
or watch Christmas move me?
see snow fall
or His kingdom reign?
take my wishes to Father Christmas
or my prayers to the Heavenly Father?
sit by the crackling fire
or have a Holy Fire within me?
shop 'til I drop
or drop everything for Him?
enjoy a sleigh ride
or remember Jesus slain?
sing Christmas carols at people
or actually be caring for people?
have a piece of pie, good desserts
or know peace on earth, good will to men?
stand in line to see Claus,
or put myself on the line for Christ?
sit in awe of the Christmas tree
or stand in awe of Calvary's tree?
wish all a Merry Christmas
or think of Mary's Christmas?
hang beautiful lights,
or see the light of the world?
manage my time
or spend time at the manger?
attach a bow
or bow my knee?
Such an amazing gift,
this season, this reason.
This Christmas, Lord,
may I be wrapped up in you.

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For Immediate Release - Christ's Humanity

CBM Christian Book Marketing Author's Press Release
Christian author Thomas G. Thompson presents, Christ's Humanity A Thing To be Grasped. 

Have you ever questioned the humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ?  Let this book settle the score as to any doubt that resides in your mind about Christ and His humanity or His divinity.  This work offers sound orthodox doctrine through presentation and analysis of Scripture, revealing the person as of Jesus Christ to be the Son of God, with a divine nature, but in human form.  Therefore, He was fully God and fully man, making Him the perfect sacrificial Lamb sent to take away the sins of the world.  Basing the book on the scripture, "He did not think existing in the form of and being equal to God as something to be grasped, but emptied himself taking the form of a slave."  The author unveils to the reader that the sacrifice of Christ, as the true Son of God, is something to ponder, understand and fully grasp.

With such chapters such as: God, the Unity and Trinity: Christ as God and man; the Biblical Doctrine; Reasonable Questions; Christ's Humiliation and Exaltation; Christ as a Prophet, and subjects such as the atonement: justification and sanctification, the author gives the reader knowledge as to Christ's divinity and humanity that builds from a firm scriptural understanding of the trinity.

This is a work that is to be relished in one's mind and provokes deep appreciation as the book reveals an understanding of who Christ was and how His humanity relates to us.  This is what makes the sacrifice complete – He was fully God and fully man.  Offering biblical truth through the scriptures, the author does not give his opinion, but rather feeds the reader the Word of God about Christ.  From reading this piece, the reader will discover a deeper knowing of the humanity of Jesus Christ and that it is something to be pondered on, as He "emptied himself" for mankind. 

It is the author's earnest desire that the body of Christ be uplifted by a more full and true understanding of Christ's humanity.  Readers will be enriched, enlightened and inspired by this book that is rich with scriptural truths.

Get your copy on Amazon or visit the author's website at Christ's Humanity where you will find out more about the author, the book and some great ministry.

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New Book Press Release, Coached by God – The Power of Wisdom

CBM Christian Author Press Release January 1, 2013

"Christian author and life coach releases Coached by God – The Power of Wisdom and provides encouragement on her new Internet Radio Show."

Coached by God – The Power of Wisdom, a new release by Christian author and life coach, Denise Milianta, is a true life story of how God restored and redeemed the author's life through the wounds of her past to a redeemed life in Christ where there is hope, joy, life and abundance.  Filled with scripture, biblical principles and wisdom, discover the power of wisdom through this spiritual handbook, and learn to apply wisdom in all areas of your life that lead to the complete transformation of one's heart and mind, allowing one's life to be restored and made anew in Jesus Christ.

Denise Milianta is a Christian author and Christ centered life coach.  She has written a book to encourage those who feel lost and broken to invite God into their hearts and start on a new path – the path of life in Jesus Christ.  Her book offers real solutions for real problems with the godly wisdom taken from years of being 'Coached by God' that led to complete transformation in her life.  It is the author's hearts desire to see those that have been devastated by life's circumstances to receive salvation, forgiveness and redemption through Jesus Christ.  There is a path of hope, she welcomes all to come into the saving knowledge and power of living a life that is Christ centered that is filled with the knowledge of living in God's Word as a life that is pleasing unto God.

You may contact the author at her website: or contact her by email at: or  Her books are found at Amazon and other fine online bookstores.  She is available for life coaching and speaking engagements in her immediate area, please contact her website for more details.

Denise will also be hosting a new Internet Radio Show called "Coached by God" starting January 11th, it airs Fridays at 10:00 A.M. and the link for the site is


New Book Release Book Trailer - I AM THAT I AM – Tracing the Footprints of God

I AM THAT I AM – Tracing the Footprints of God by Christian author Judy Azar LeBlanc is a must read and one of those books everyone should have in their collection.  The author has presented a comprehensive book that gives a full spectrum overview of the eight Covenants given to humanity by God with an in-depth discussion and analysis of the full parabolic, healing and divine ministry of Jesus Christ.  Systematically tracing the “footprints of God” as noted in the title, author Judy Azar LeBlanc, focuses the reader on who God is by revealing His character and design for humanity from the beginning.  With extensive research, illustrations and full color maps of famous archeological sites and over seventy-five commentaries from well renowned biblical scholars and a complete list of over fifty names and meanings of God - this book covers it all.  This well written and theologically sound book will give the reader a deeper understanding of the love God has for humanity and who the great I AM THAT I AM is from the beginning.  A wonderful, highly recommended read.  For more information visit To Many Faces To Many Places. You may also visit Judy LeBlanc's Amazon page where you can also order I AM THAT I AM.